Fall Prevention


Injuries from patient falls cost the health care industry $6 Billion/year.

Response ObservedResponse Observed

A powerful combination of 3D depth/motion cameras and predictive software algorithms provide alerts to staff to get patients the help they need.


Our technology goes far beyond sensing when a patient is getting out of bed; it senses slight movements and predicts patient intent.

Virtual ObserverVirtual Observer

Technology that provides you a "virtual assistant", helps keep the patient safe and the staff informed every minute of the day.

The video below demonstrates a prototype of our technology. Using a 3D camera, the patient's positions and behaviors are monitored constantly and consistently. Alerts can be provided to nursing staff when certain behaviors are detected.

Clinical Rehabilitation

Motion Tracking Motion Tracking

By using our patent-pending 3D depth and motion-tracking algorithms, our solution enpowers the patient to continue their rehab even when a clinician isn't available.


The system offers corrective guidance when a patient doesn't correctly perform the exercise movement.

Patient ProgressionPatient Progression

In-depth analytics provide clinicians with new insight into patient progress.


The system engages and encourages patients during individualized exercise routines, while allowing the patient to be in control.

Care Assistance

The Technology

Our technology takes affordable 3D motion capture to a whole new level with the ability to detect even the finest motor movement. Using camera technology similar to the Microsoft Kinect, we've gone beyond basic skeletonization to complete understanding of the patient, bed, and entire hospital room. Our technology doesn’t just see movement: it sees the human, identifies each body part, and analyzes how each part moves in relation to others. This allows the system to focus on the areas we want, providing extremely specialized analysis and reporting.

Our patent-pending technology is already in use as the foundation for EliteForm PowerTracker units, which are currently used by collegiate and professional sports teams, and military Special Forces across the country. Since we have full control over the foundational software, we build products with capabilities nobody else can approach.

Clinical Trials
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Expert Partnership

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the nation's foremost facilities for medical rehabilitation and research. We’ve partnered with Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital to help us develop and refine our applications.


Along the way, we've improved patient outcomes while making our solutions exactly what providers and patients need.