Fall Prevention

The next generation fall solution is here.

We're developing proactive technology to prevent dangerous situations in hospitals before they arise.


Injuries from patient falls cost the health care industry $6 billion per year—and that's just what's being reported.


Our technology goes far beyond sensing when a patient is getting out of bed; it senses slight movements and predicts patient intent.

Response ObservedResponse Observed

A powerful combination of 3D depth/motion cameras and Ocuvera's patent-pending predictive software provide information to staff to get patients the help they need.

Virtual ObserverVirtual Observer

Technology that provides you a "virtual assistant", helps keep the patient safe and the staff informed every minute of the day—without requiring a nurse at a video monitor.


Building on the Microsoft Kinect for Windows platform, our solution provides a complete understanding of the patient and the entire hospital room. Our technology doesn’t just see movement: it sees the patient and monitors their behavior constantly and consistently, 24 hours a day—without requiring a nurse at a video monitor.

The video below demonstrates a prototype of our technology. Using only a 3D camera and Ocuvera's software, the patient's positions and behaviors are monitored constantly and consistently. Information can be provided to nursing staff when certain behaviors are detected.

Our patented technology is already in use as the foundation for EliteForm PowerTracker units, which are currently used by collegiate and professional sports teams and military Special Forces around the world.


We’re seeking healthcare partners to help us test and improve our fall prevention software. If you're a hospital or care provider, small or large, we'd love to team up with you.

For more details, check out our informational flyer.

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